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Witan Academic Journals e-publishes rigorously peer-reviewed journals in many academic fields. Using innovative technologies, Witan Academic Journals is dedicated to disseminating scholarship as widely as possible, making resources available to those on even the most limited research budgets. Journals published by Witan adhere to the highest academic standards of scholarship and peer review, are available at affordable prices to scholars worldwide through such distributors as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and are disseminated through library subscription services such as EBSCOhost.

Witan Academic Journals offers its clients academic legitimacy, affordability, and worldwide access.



How much would Witan charge to publish my organization’s journal?
Nothing. Witan Academic Journals never charges our journals or our authors.

Since Witan Academic Journals does not charge for its services, how do you make money? Will there be advertisements in my journal?
Witan profits through the sale of the journal issues on third-party distributors’ websites, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Witan does not insert advertisements in our client journals or articles.

I am the editor of an established journal. Can we maintain our own peer review process?
Yes. Witan Academic Journals understands the needs of our clients to maintain their own scholarly quality control, so our journals are expected to provide their own peer review. In that way, our journals are able to ensure their own academic identities.

I am the editor of a start-up journal. What would I need to do to be hosted by Witan?
After you contact us at inquiries@WitanPublishing.com, we will ask you to outline the plan for your journal, with special focus on your peer review process. We vet our journals very carefully in order to maintain the quality of the Witan name. Scholars, hiring committees, and tenure & promotion committees can rely on Witan Academic Journals to adhere to the highest academic standards.