Why Publish With Witan?


Peer review

Witan Publishing insists on rigorous standards of peer review to ensure the best possible reception of our works by tenure and promotion committees. Unlike many other e-publishers, at no point do our authors pay for the publication of their work. In other words, authors can feel confident that their work will be judged on its scholarly merit.


Witan Publishing produces texts in e-publishing form only. For this reason, we are not bound by the old market forces stifling traditional paper-and-cardboard publication. Texts of any length are equally marketable. Although Witan will consider texts of any length, we have a special interest in supporting editions and other scholarships that are too lengthy to be journal articles, but too short to be viable in the obsolete paper book market. Just as the invention of the printing press made texts available more quickly to a broader audience, the e-published book is available immediately to an unlimited audience. E-published books never truly go out of print.

Our innovative production methods make books available quickly to the general public. Where older print culture publishers might take months before producing a book, once the “camera-ready” copy is finalized we can have texts on the market in days or even hours. Buyers can download our books for immediate use from the leaders in distribution, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


Our e-publishing production and distribution methods keep costs low, so books are available to the consumer for a very low price, generally only a few dollars. Nevertheless, authors of monographs (and editors of collections) earn a percentage of every single sale made. Since there are no “print runs,” this means that a book could potentially earn an unlimited amount of money. Even the author of a book that sells a mere few hundred copies can expect a modest return, but an author of a book that sells thousands of books can expect to be well-rewarded. Whereas the old-style market meant that authors typically received nothing or a pittance, and the cost of short-run scholarly books often strained budgets, Witan’s innovative publishing methods allow for the opposite situation—extremely affordable books that profit the author, and not just the publisher.