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How to Read Your eBooks


Adding an eBook File to the Kindle App:

1. First, download the Kindle app from Amazon’s website. Keep a shortcut icon on your desktop.

2. Locate your ebook file. Click and drag it to the Kindle icon on your desktop.

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3. The Kindle icon will open and you will be prompted to register your app. If you do not yet have an Amazon.com account, you can follow the prompts and create one.

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4. After registering, your eBook will open. You can now locate your eBook under the Library tab.

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Adding an eBook File to the Nook for PC app:

1. First, download the Nook for PC app from Barnes and Noble’s website. Keep a shortcut icon on your desktop.

2. Go to your Start menu and click on the icon for the Nook for PC app.

3. Expand the “My Library” item on the left of the application.  If the option for “My Stuff” does not appear, maximize the window.  Then, click on the option for “My Stuff”.

4. Click on the button labelled “Add New Item”.

5. In the dialog box that appears, navigate to and select your downloaded eBook.

6. You will get a dialog window stating that your eBook has been loaded to your library, and then it will open.