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What kind of books does Witan publish?
Witan publishes any kind of medieval or medievalist scholarship. We have a special interest in supporting scholarly editions, Festschrifts, journals, and conference proceedings. Witan also offers Witan Academic Journals for any institution looking to publish scholarly work.

Will Witan publish my poetry, fiction, or non-medieval scholarship?
Witan publishes medieval and medievalist scholarship as well as non-medieval academic journals. For more information, please see the Witan Academic Journals page.

Do I have to pay anything to publish my paper with Witan Publishing?
No. Witan never requests money from our authors.

What is the peer review process like? Can I have my article peer-reviewed on my own?
In order to maintain the highest scholarly standards, Witan Publishing has a rigorous blind peer review process, which is outlined here. Journal articles are edited and peer reviewed by the sponsoring journal, with the qualifications of the editors vetted and validated by Witan. In order to maintain standards of scholarly rigor, authors may not have their work peer reviewed on their own.

How will my work be distributed?
Our publications are distributed through all the major online booksellers, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. We do not sell books directly.

Can I get a hard copy of my book?
At this time, Witan Publishing does not produce hard copies of texts.

What qualifications do I have to have?
Working academics and independent scholars are invited to submit their work, which will be judged on its own merit by blind peer review.

What will my article look like?
You can purchase a sample article, Old English and Samwise Gamgee’s Genealogy: Eden and the Unfallen Hobbit, through the following link (free at most stores; $0.99 at Amazon): https://books2read.com/nokes-hobbit

You can also download the article in ePub format for free from this link.